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On the sixteenth day of March 2004, the 1st CPLP - SE Trade Union Conference met in Coimbra, which registered the presence of the following organizations:

Brasil   CNTE – Brazil

Brasil   CONTEE – Brazil

Cabo Verde   FECAP – Cape Verde

Cabo Verde   SINDEP – Cape Verde

Moçambique   ONP-SNPM – Mozambique

São Tomé e Príncipe   SINPRESTEP – S. Tomé e Príncipe

Portugal   FENPROF – Portugal

The remaining affiliated organizations, almost entirely, justified their respective absences.

The agenda of this Conference contained the following matters:

  1. Final formalization of CPLP - SE
  2. New members join
  3. Review and approval of the Organization's Statutes
  4. Approval of a Conference Resolution
  5. Discussion and approval of the Activity Plan for the 2004/2007 triennium
  6. Election of the governing bodies of the CPLP - SE

  1. Regarding the 1st item on the Agenda, the processes related to the formal legalization of CPLP - SE were addressed, taking into account the fullness of its members, as well as the legal procedures that must be complied with for this purpose.
  2. In the 2nd item on the Agenda, two situations were considered regarding the possibility of admitting new members. The application for membership of SINPRESTEP, Union of Teachers and Educators of S. Tomé and Príncipe, was submitted, and its membership in CPLP - SE was unanimously approved by the other unions present. It was also appreciated the affiliation of SPTL, Teachers Union of East Timor, who wishing to participate in this Conference was prevented from doing so due to difficulties on the trip to Portugal. This fact prevents such affiliation from actually taking place at this Conference, but it did not preclude a discussion around it that concluded by the unanimous agreement of those present on a later affiliation of the SPTL, assuming that it can occur at any time, even without being included in the agenda of a Trade Union Conference.
  3. In the 3rd point, some statutory changes were discussed, unanimously approved, with the final version of the CPLP - SE Statutes being as set out in the attached document.
  4. In the 4th point, it was decided to maintain the Resolution approved in 2001, in Lisbon, due to the timeliness that it still maintains and because it contains the essential principles that should guide the activity of CPLP - SE. In the 5th point, an Activity Plan for the 2004/2007 triennium was discussed and unanimously approved, already in accordance with the new version of the Statutes.
  5. In the 6th and final point of the Agenda, and also in accordance with the new Statutes, the governing bodies of CPLP - SE were proposed and elected, after discussion and consideration, and the future Executive Committee was unanimously approved, by majority the Permanent Secretariat and the Coordinating Secretary unanimously. The specific composition of these bodies can be found in the appendix attached to these minutes.

And, with nothing further to discuss, the 1st Trade Union Conference was closed, from which these minutes are drawn up, which will be signed by me, Abel Macedo, acting Coordinating Secretary, and by all representatives of the organizations present.

Abel Macedo

Coimbra, March 16, 2004

Brasil   BRAZIL

Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores da Educação (CNTE)

Juçara Dutra Vieira (President)

Brasil   BRAZIL

Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores em Estabelecimentos de Ensino (CONTEE)

Wellington Teixeira Gomes (Vice President)

Cabo Verde   CAPE VERDE

Federação Caboverdiana dos Professores (FECAP)

João Pedro Cardoso (President)

Cabo Verde   CAPE VERDE

Sindicato Democrático dos Professores (SINDEP)

Nicolau Furtado (President)

Moçambique   MOZAMBIQUE

Organização Nacional de Professores (ONP/SNPM)

Emília Afonso (General secretary)

São Tomé e Príncipe   S. TOMÉ e PRÍNCIPE

Sindicato dos Professores e Educadores de S. Tomé e Príncipe (SINPRESTEP)

Miguel Assunção (President)

Portugal   PORTUGAL

Federação Nacional dos Professores (FENPROF)

Paulo Sucena (General secretary)