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2nd Conference  2nd Conference


On the eighteenth day of April, two thousand and seven, at ten hours and thirty minutes, the Community of Teachers and Education Workers' Organizations in Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP-SE) gathered at its second Union Conference, in Lisbon, at the headquarters of the National Federation of Teachers (FENPROF).

This second conference was attended by the following organizations and their representatives (Annex I):

Angola   Angola

FTECDCSA (Federação dos Trabalhadores de Educação, Cultura, Desporto e Comunicação Social de Angola) – José Joaquim Laurindo;

Brasil   Brazil

CONTEE (Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores em Estabelecimentos de Ensino) – Wellington Gomes;

Cabo Verde   Cape Verde

FECAP (Federação Caboverdiana de Professores) – Abraão Espírito Santo Borges;

Guiné-Bissau   Guinea Bissau

SINAPROF (Sindicato Nacional dos Professores) – Vençâ Mendes;

Portugal   Portugal

FENPROF (Federação Nacional dos Professores) – Abel Macedo (Secretário-Coordenador da CPLP-SE), Paulo Sucena, Vítor Gomes e Ana Gaspar;

FNE (Federação Nacional de Educação) – Carlos Alberto Guimarães, Maria Arminda Bragança, Gabriel Costa e Alexandre Dias;

São Tomé e Príncipe   São Tomé e Príncipe

SINPRESTEP (Sindicato dos Professores de São Tomé e Príncipe) – Miguel d’Assunção;

The following organizations were not present, however, justifying their absence: Angola: SINPROF (National Teachers Union); Brazil: CNTE (National Confederation of Education Workers); Cape Verde: SINDEP (National Teachers Union); Mozambique: ONP / SNPM (National Teacher Organization / National Union of Mozambican Teachers) and Timor-Leste: SPTL (Union of Teachers of Timor-Leste);

The following agenda was proposed for this second Conference:

  1. Opening session;
  2. Presentation and entry of new members;
  3. CPLP-SE statutes: revision and amendment of some articles;
  4. Activity Plan for the Triennium from two thousand and seven to two thousand and ten;
  5. Trade union policy debate? testimonies of the various organizations present in the particular situations of each country;
  6. Election of the governing bodies of CPLP-SE for the two thousand and seven / two thousand and ten years;

This second conference began with the intervention of the CPLP-SE Secretary-Coordinator, Abel Macedo, who, in addition to welcoming the affiliated organizations, took stock of the activity of the last three years, emphasizing the most relevant aspects of development the approximation of the various organizations, also taking into account the recognition of the Legal Personality of CPLP-SE (Annex II) and the need to recognize the Organization in the various countries.

The Secretary-General of FENPROF, Paulo Sucena, explained the political, economic and political-union context in Portugal and the successive and systematic attacks that the Portuguese Government and Ministry of Education have subjected public administration workers in general, and the teaching class in particular.

He also acknowledged the termination of his mandate as secretary-general of FENPROF when the IX Congress was held, which will take place in the next nineteenth, twenty-twenty-first of April, since, as the Secretariat had informed National, he would leave the union activity in the organization, after his retirement, a fact that occurred last November of two thousand and six.

Turning to the agenda of the second Conference, the Coordinating Secretary, stated the intention of two candidacies to join the CPLP-SE, presented by the National Federation of Education (FNE), of Portugal and by the Federation of Workers of Education, Culture, Sports and Social Communication of Angola (FTECDCSA), from Angola. After the presentation of the candidate organizations, the proposals were voted on, each one by itself. The two organizations were admitted as full members, unanimously, starting to participate, from the moment, as members of CPLP-SE.

The CPLP-SE Statutes were presented to the trade union organizations present and the Coordinating Secretary reported on a proposal for a set of amendments to them, which, after being discussed, was voted on. The proposal contained the following amendments (Annex III):




Proposed amendment



New wording






Pass to b)



New wording



New wording



New wording



New wording



New wording





(pass to 10º)



New wording



New wording



New wording


a) to g)



(pass to 11º)



New wording


(pass to 12º)






(pass to 13º)


New wording

In this context, Wellington Gomes, from CONTEE, from Brazil, raised the question of the name of CPLP-SE, with regard to “… of Teachers and Workers in Education…”, since teachers and educators are also workers in education.

The Coordinating Secretary explained the separation of the two terminologies, due to the need to cover all designations of affiliated union organizations, since not all of them represent workers in education. Some organizations only represent teachers and educators and others, all education professionals.

The discussion and voting took place on an article-by-article basis, and all the trade union organizations present were in agreement with the proposed changes, as well as being pleased with the simplification of the Statutes, since it makes the Organization more operational.

In a second step, the presentation, discussion and voting of the Business Plan for the three-year period from two thousand and seven to two thousand and ten (Annex IV) was started. The Secretary-Coordinator presented the referred proposal, which included the main objective of this activity plan: ”(…) the consolidation of CPLP-SE as an organization that is progressively more sustained in the interaction between affiliated unions, its organizational enrichment and a regular functioning increasingly at the service of its main objectives ”. The Business Plan, in addition to an introductory note, is divided into seven points: 1. Consolidation of CPLP-SE; 2. Strengthen the organizational structure of CPLP-SE; 3. Conducting a Joint Union Training Seminar; 4. Union Training Seminars; 5. Reinforcement of bilateral cooperation or of a smaller dimension than the general structure of CPLP-SE; 6. Collaboration with other international organizations and 7. Prepare the III Conference of the CPLP-Union of Education.

As for points four and five, the coordinating secretary counted on the collaboration of the Financial Advisor / Training, Alfredo Soares, since, on these points, the Union Training Project entitled “Rethinking Education and Union Associations in the Spaces of the Union” was presented. Portuguese Language ”(Annex V).

From the discussion of the Activity Plan, some suggestions from some of the organizations present were highlighted:

  1. Abel Macedo, from FENPROF, from Portugal, launched for reflection, the need to organize a Budget of CPLP-SE, since, with the organization of training devices and, consequently, the mobilization of large amounts, it is necessary to organize the accounting . The budget will make it clear and transparent how much money has been spent and where it has been spent.
  2. Did Arminda Bragança, from FNE, Portugal, acknowledge that the CPLP presidency? Union, is in charge of the Union Confederation to which it belongs and which, at this moment, may serve to strengthen relations between that organization and CPLP-SE;
  3. The Coordinating Secretary suggested that, at that moment, CPLP-SE could request a hearing from CPLP-Sindical and, in addition to discussing matters of interest to CPLP-SE, the minutes of this II Conference should be submitted;
  4. Abel Macedo, coordinating secretary, stated, once again, the need to resume the approach of CPLP Organizations? Policy and CPLP? Education Union, since there has not yet been a response to the letters sent to these two organizations;
  5. Advisor Alfredo Soares suggested the need to recreate the CPLP-SE website, as a bet to make itself known to a wider audience. The information should, therefore, be organized into six structuring axes: 1. Global information about what CPLP-SE is (Statutes, Conferences, Activity Plan, Reports); 2. General information of affiliated organizations; 3. Information from national, regional and local Union Initiatives; 4. Information / Strengthening Partnerships; 5. Publications in PDF format of different topics of the affiliated Organizations and Promotion of Training / Collaborative Learning Actions.
  6. Wellington Gomes, from CONTEE, from Brazil, explained the démarches established in Brazil, for the financing of Union Training. There is still no final answer, but there seems to be a possibility for this funding.
  7. Abel Macedo and Alfredo Soares, both from Portugal, spoke of the possibility of developing partnerships with European Union Organizations, as a way of expanding the financing of Community Funds for Development.
  8. Arminda Bragança, from FNE, from Portugal, attended to those present that, in the next year of two thousand and eight, your Organization will hold the Congress. Once the CPLP-SE Organizations will be invited, he raised the possibility of holding a meeting with the Congress.

The Plan of Activities for the three-year period from two thousand and seven to two thousand and ten, after being discussed, was put to the final appreciation, having been voted unanimously.

The last item on the agenda of the II Conference was related to the election of the Governing Bodies of CPLP-SE for the three-year period from two thousand and seven to two thousand and ten.

The Coordinating Secretary, Abel Macedo of FENPROF, reported on the organizations that were part of the Permanent Secretariat of CPLP-SE, making a proposal: that the Organizations FENPROF and FNE, from Portugal and CONTEE, from Brazil, integrate the Permanent Secretariat. Abraão Borges, from FECAP, from Cape Verde, proposed his Organization for the Permanent Secretariat. Miguel d’Assunção, from SINPRESTEP, from São Tomé and Príncipe, corroborated the proposal of his FECAP counterpart, as well as the proposal of the Secretary-Coordinator. José Laurindo, from FTECDCSA, from Angola, said that, having only just been admitted to CPLP-SE and that the other Angolan Trade Union Organization was not present, it was not convenient for his organization to be proposed to the Permanent Secretariat. Abraão Borges and Vençâ Mendes, respectively from Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau, understood that the ONP / SNPM, from Mozambique, should be in the Permanent Secretariat of CPLP-SE, since it will be the host country of the Union Training Seminar “Repensar Education and Trade Union Associations in Portuguese Spaces ”and the Mozambican Ministry of Education has realized the importance of the Training Project and has already given up the facilities for the week of union training.

Thus, the proposals made were voted unanimously, once again, as they were all consensual.

As for the position of Secretary-Coordinator, FNE, from Portugal, by the person of Carlos Alberto Guimarães, proposed the representative of FENPROF, from Portugal, Abel Macedo. All organizations present agreed with the FNE's proposal. Abel Macedo, from FENPROF, Portugal, accepted the proposal, having said that the post of coordinating secretary, after the next conference, should be rotating.

At the end of the discussion on the constitution of the Governing Bodies of CPLP-Sindical de Educação, all proposals made by the various organizations were voted and, unanimously, were distributed as follows:

Permanent Secretariat












Cape Verde

Coordinating Secretary: Abel Macedo (FENPROF)

Before the end of the II CPLP-SE Conference, Wellington Gomes, from CONTEE, from Brazil, mentioned the initiative Against Denationalization? Education is not Merchandise. The launch of the campaign against the commodification and denationalization of national education, held on April 13, in Rio de Janeiro, was attended by educational and social movement entities. This initiative aims to raise awareness of the need for regulation of Private Education and accountability, by the Brazilian Federal Government, of Public Education for All.

There being nothing more to discuss, the II Conference of the CPLP-SE ended, of which these minutes were drawn up, to be signed by the Coordinating Secretary, Abel Macedo and by Vítor Gomes, who acted as secretary, both from FENPROF, from Portugal.

(Abel Macedo)

Coordinating Secretary of CPLP-SE

(Vítor Gomes)

II Conference Secretariat