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Everything set for a giant protest on Avenida da Liberdade on March 8 Everything set for a giant protest on Avenida da Liberdade on March 8

Everything set for a giant protest on Avenida da Liberdade on March 8
“On March 8, the Prime Minister will realize two things: first - the challenge to the policies of the ME and the Government is not an invention of union organizations; second - regarding the situation that is currently experienced in education, there are no differences between what teachers think and say and what union leaders think and say ”.
These are the words of Mário Nogueira at the press conference that the Teachers Union Platform held at the end of the morning of 28 February, in Lisbon.
High number of buses

The main objective of this meeting with media professionals was to publicize the March of Indignation “So you can't be a teacher. The public school can no longer take this policy ”, which, meanwhile, was forced to change the places of concentration and final meeting of the thousands of expected participants, taking into account the impressive response that is being given across the country by educators and visible, for example, in the high number of buses already packed.
Thus (as in the historic journey of October 5, 2006), the March of Indignation will begin at Marquês de Pombal, descend Avenida da Liberdade and end at Rossio Square, with a program of cultural animation and a set of interventions union leaders.
The Platform, represented at this press conference by the leaders of all its organizations, has received numerous testimonies of support and affirmations of adherence to the March, along with messages of solidarity with the struggle of educators and teachers, sent by higher education organizations, parent and student associations, teachers' associations, and even representative structures from other professional sectors, such as the police. One of the last positions taken in support of the 8 March initiative is from the ANP (National Teachers Association).
A March of Mourning

As the secretary general of FENPROF revealed to journalists, “the colors of mourning - black and white” will mark the image of the March, in the many flags and cloths that will accompany the parade along Avenida da Liberdade. Mário Nogueira appealed to the teachers to also use that sign of mourning. And this is because the teaching class is in mourning for the “countless negative measures that the Government has been imposing on Education”.
Although the main objectives of the Platform have to do directly with the struggle and protest against the “ECD of ME”, “there are other aspects of our convergence, for example around the new model of management and direction of schools, municipalization and measures taken within the scope of special education ”, explained Mário Nogueira.
Illegality continues!

“We want a rigorous and demanding assessment. But this incoherent assessment that the ME wants to impose at all costs and that can create a dangerous instability in schools, particularly in the third academic period, the most sensitive, in which teachers should be focused on their work with students, is not. For this reason, it is essential to suspend this evaluation of the ME ”, stressed the Platform spokesman.
Despite the precautionary measures, the ME continues to pressure schools to commit illegalities, circumventing the suspension of deadlines, warned the union leader.

The Court, it is recalled, considered that there are matters for which three orders of the ME of 24 and 25 January are not applicable, being null all administrative acts that result from them, whether they come from the Ministry of education or from schools / school clusters.
The Ministry of Education not only did not comply with the judicial decision but also followed up on the suspended orders, which represents a serious violation of the law.

New action before the Court
Therefore, the action with the Justice is back in focus, with a case delivered to the Administrative and Fiscal Court of Coimbra by the SPRC, on February 28th. This is the request for the declaration of ineffectiveness of all administrative acts related to the evaluation of the performance of teachers, aiming at restoring legality and respecting the rule of law.

Mário Nogueira again condemned the artificial division of the teaching career into two categories, the purposes of the proof of entry into the profession and the extensive working hours imposed on the teachers, “absurd from the pedagogical point of view”.
The current ME team is part of the problem,
not the solution
As the secretary general of FENPROF recalled, “the dismissal of the ministerial team does not resolve, does not guarantee the change of policies, but one thing is certain and recognized by the overwhelming majority of teachers: the current ME team is part of the problems of Education and from the first hour he decided to elect teachers as the main enemy ”, initiating a policy of devaluation, attack and constant offenses against these professionals.
After recalling the concerns already expressed by the President of the Republic regarding the teaching situation and the urgent need to respect and nurture teachers - concerns that, as we know, were very badly received by the Prime Minister, who reacted badly, saying that one cannot confuse teachers with unions - Mário Nogueira revealed that the Platform will present a request for a meeting with the PR, highlighting that at this moment “the intervention of Belém is fundamental, urgent and urgent”.
At the same time, the Platform reiterates the significance of the request for a meeting with Socrates, who has not yet responded.
“Eye to eye, we have to discuss the problems of education with the Prime Minister. The need to find answers no longer passes through the ME ”, concluded Mário Nogueira. / JPO