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Repudiation by the Government of Huila Repudiation by the Government of Huila

Repudiation by the Government of Huila
CPLP-SE, Community of Union Organizations of Teachers and Education Workers in Portuguese-speaking Countries, an organization that includes 15 unions from all over the Portuguese-speaking world, became aware of the behavior of the Government of that Angolan province regarding a march in the city of Lubango on 2 October 2010, a peaceful march centered on defending the socio-professional interests of teachers and educators in that province.
Organized by SINPROF, a union also affiliated with CPLP-Sindical de Educação, this initiative was part of the normal activity of a union in any rule of law, as well as the free exercise of its autonomy vis-à-vis all powers (political power included), so the persecution of some of the main SINPROF leaders in the region is perfectly unacceptable, which culminates in an abusive trial of eight of those leaders, scheduled for the past April 5th and postponed until the next 18th of this month.
This inexcusable meddling in the legitimate activity of a union is absolutely rejected by CPLP-Sindical de Educação, which not only expresses its complete solidarity with one of its members - SINPROF, as the Government of Huíla complains about the restoration of legality democracy and the unconditional release of SINPROF leaders subject to trial.
We further inform that we will make public this position now addressed to the Directorate of SINPROF - National Union of Teachers of Angola.
With the warmest union greetings
By the CPLP-SE Coordinating Committee
Abel Macedo
(Coordinating Secretary)